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Home Alone Putlocker

How To Watch Home Alone Putlocker? – Do you want to watch Home Alone Putlocker? So you do not have to worry, because we will tell you how you can watch Home Alone Movie. Home Alone is a 1990 American Christmas comedy film. And Home Alone is a complete movie series, in which you will get to see 6 parts of this movie.

If you want to see the first part of this movie. So you will get to see this movie on many online movie streaming platforms, such as Hotstar, Apple TV and YouTube. You can watch Home Alone Putlocker using all these streaming services. Apart from this, you will also find other movies of this movie series on these streaming sites. Which you can see online. But let us tell you that to use these sites, membership has to be taken first.

Only after this you can watch movies on these sites. And the membership plan of all these sites is different. That’s why in our opinion you can go to Hotstar. Because Hotstar is cheaper than other sites. That’s why watching Home Alone Putlocker on Disney Hotstar is the most economical.

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Watch Home Alone Putlocker For Free

If you want to watch Home Alone Putlocker For Free. Then you are in the right place. One of the many online file hosting index websites used for viewing entertainment content, primarily movies and television shows, is Putlocker. After Megaupload closed in 2011, the original website, which started in the UK, grew to attract millions of visitors every day.

That’s why you can also watch Home Alone Putlocker movie for free from putlocker. You will get to see the complete series of Home Alone Movie on Putlocker. Movies on Putlocker can be seen in high quality audio video format. Due to which today Putlocker is the first choice of movie fan’s hearts.

Most movie fans use Putlocker to watch movies for free. In the same way you can watch your favourite movie Home Alone Putlocker. You will not have to face the hassle of membership to access this site. You can watch movies directly from putlocker and easily.

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About Home Alone Movie

A 1990 American holiday comedy called Home Alone was written, produced, and directed by Chris Columbus. The original Home Alone movie, starring Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern, John Heard, and Catherine O’Hara, is a series classic. 

In his role as Kevin McCallister, Culkin portrays a little kid who defends his suburban Chicago house from intruders after his family unintentionally leaves him behind while travelling to Paris for Christmas. While on vacation, Hughes had the idea for the movie Home Alone, which Warner Bros. eventually agreed to fund and release. Warner Bros. However, the production stopped after it went over its allocated budget. Hughes and 20th Century Fox met behind closed doors before taking over. 

Soon after, Columbus and Culkin were employed. In locations around Illinois, filming took place between February and May 1990. Home Alone had its Chicago debut on November 10, 1990, and on November 16 it was released in theatres nationwide. It earned great reviews and was praised for its characters, humour, and music. The global take from Home Alone was $476.7 million.

Home Alone Movie All Details

Movie NameHome Alone
Directed byChris Columbus
Written & Produced byJohn Hughes
StarringMacaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern, John Heard, Roberts Blossom, Catherine O’Hara
CinematographyJulio Macat
Edited byRaja Gosnell
Production CompanyHughes Entertainment
Distributed by20th Century Fox
Release datesNovember 16, 1990
Movie Running time103 minutes
CountryUnited States
Budget$18 million
Box office$476.7 million

Home Alone Movie Short Story-line

The night before their departure, the McCallister family congregates at Kate and Peter’s house in a Chicago suburb as they get ready to celebrate Christmas in Paris. Kevin, the youngest son of Kate and Peter, is made fun of by his elder relatives and brothers. After a brief argument with his older brother Buzz during which Kevin’s flying ticket is unintentionally thrown away, Kate sends Kevin to the attic, where he unintentionally destroys the family supper.

Angry at his mother for letting the rest of the family tease him, Kevin berates her and wishes his family would just vanish. The family oversleeps as a result of the power loss brought on by the night’s strong winds that also disable the alarm clocks. Kevin unintentionally gets left behind in the commotion and haste to get to the airport.

Unaware that they had booked vans to transport them to the airport, Kevin awakens to find the home deserted and the family cars remaining in the garage. He is ecstatic at his newfound independence, believing that his dream has come true. Later, Kevin is alarmed by “Old Man” Marley, who lives next door and is thought to be a serial murderer who slaughtered his own family.

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Is Streaming of Home Alone possible?

You can watch the festive family comedy Home Alone Putlocker on Disney+ if you haven’t already (really?). Home Alone is really available for viewing online. The streaming service may be accessed by paying a monthly subscription, with the entry-level plan costing $7.99. Additionally, you may see the movie by purchasing a Disney and Hulu package. Most online movie retailers offer Home Alone for both rental and purchase.


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