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How to Unlock Multiplayer in Watch Dogs 2

How to Unlock Multiplayer in Watch Dogs 2 – Action-adventure game Watch Dogs 2 was created by Ubisoft Montreal. Players may explore the beautiful metropolis of San Francisco and employ hacking prowess to go through a variety of quests and difficulties in this game’s rich open-world setting. 

One of the exciting features of Watch Dogs 2 is its multiplayer mode, which allows players to engage in cooperative and competitive game play with others. If you’re wondering how to unlock multiplayer in Watch Dogs 2, this article will guide you through the process step by step.

Know How to Unlock Multiplayer in Watch Dogs 2

Although Watch Dogs 2 has a compelling single-player narrative, the multiplayer option elevates the overall experience. You may collaborate with pals or engage in intense hacking competitions with other gamers when playing multiplayer. 

You must fulfill specific prerequisites and adhere to a few straightforward instructions to activate the multiplayer option. Let’s explore the Watch Dogs 2 multiplayer realm.

Process To Unlocking Multiplayer in Watch Dogs 2

How to Unlock Multiplayer in Watch Dogs 2

To know How to Unlock Multiplayer in Watch Dogs 2, follow these steps:

Completing Main Story Missions

Progress through the single-player campaign’s key plot missions. You will reach a stage when multiplayer is accessible as you finish objectives.

Accessing the DedSec App

Once multiplayer is enabled, use your in-game smartphone to access the DedSec App. Thanks to the app, which acts as the central location for all multiplayer activities, you can easily choose between cooperative and competitive modes.

Initiating Multiplayer Modes

You can select to start either the cooperative or competitive modes from the DedSec App. To meet other gamers, either invite friends to join your session or use matchmaking. Prepare for multiplayer action by choosing the mode that best fits your playing style.

Understanding Watch Dogs 2 Multiplayer Modes

Before knowing how to unlock multiplayer in watch dogs 2, it’s essential to know the two main modes available: cooperative and competitive.

Cooperative Mode

In the cooperative mode, you can join forces with up to three friends to complete missions and explore the vast open world together. Cooperation and communication are crucial as you work as a team to overcome challenges and tackle objectives.

Competitive Mode

The competitive mode pits you against other players in various hacking contests. You can invade other players’ worlds and engage in intense PvP (player versus player) battles. Outsmart your opponents, hack their systems, and earn points to climb up the leaderboards.

Requirements for Unlocking Multiplayer In Watch Dog 2

To access the multiplayer mode in Watch Dogs 2, you need to fulfill specific requirements.

Single-Player Progression

It is important to advance in the single-player campaign before entering multiplayer. To enable multiplayer, complete the initial narrative objectives and advance to a particular game point.

Online Connectivity

Make sure you have a reliable internet connection since multiplayer mode requires online access. Ensure that your platform is online and that any required upgrades are deployed.

Tips For Enjoying Watch Dog 2 Multiplayer

To make the most of the multiplayer mode in Watch Dogs 2, consider the following tips:

Communication is Key

Communication with your colleagues is essential in cooperative mode. Plan your activities, exchange information, and come up with ways to complete tasks quickly.

Master Your Hacking Skills

In Watch Dogs 2, hacking is the main game play mechanic, and improving your hacking abilities is essential in multiplayer. Learn numerous hacking methods and experiment with various tools to give yourself an advantage over rivals.

Team Up with Friends

The multiplayer experience is improved when played cooperatively with others. Assign responsibilities, coordinate your activities, and approach problems as a well-oiled team.

FAQs –  How to Unlock Multiplayer in Watch Dogs 2

Can I play multiplayer on all platforms?

Watch Dogs 2 multiplayer is, in fact, playable on a variety of platforms, including PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Is an internet connection required to play multiplayer?

Yes, accessing and enjoying Watch Dogs 2’s multiplayer functionality requires an online connection.

Can I invite specific players to join my session?

Yes, you may invite particular folks to join your cooperative mode session. Send invitations to play with your pals after coordinating with them.

What happens if I encounter a hacker in multiplayer?

If a hacker invades your environment in competitive mode, you must locate and eliminate them to stop them from stealing your data or interfering with your gameplay.

Can I earn rewards in multiplayer mode?

Yes, by taking part in multiplayer games and attaining high ranks, you may get access to new personalization options and numerous awards.


Watch Dogs 2 multiplayer option unlocks a variety of cooperative and competitive game modes. You may participate in intense PvP fights or exciting hacking missions with pals by following the instructions provided in this article. 

Keep in mind to converse, hone your hacking abilities, and enjoy yourself while exploring Watch Dogs 2’s multiplayer mode.

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