Italy's First Female Prime Minister

In 2022, Brothers of Italy leader Giorgia Meloni made history by becoming the country's first female prime minister.

Early Political Involvement

Meloni was involved in politics at an early age. Her political ideas and career were influenced by this early participation.

Co-founding Brothers of Italy

After the National Alliance was disbanded in 2012, Meloni helped create the Brothers of Italy party, a right-wing political organization.

Vocal Opposition to Draghi's Government

One of the few parties, Meloni's Brothers of Italy, declined to support Mario Draghi's national unity administration in 2021.

Historic Election Victory in 2022

A historic win in the general election in Italy in 2022, receiving 26% of the vote.

First Woman to Lead Italy's Government

She broke the long-standing gender barrier by becoming the first woman to hold this post.

Champion of Conservative Values

She has fought vehemently against immigration and backed traditional family values as well as same-sex unions.

Euroskeptic and Nationalist Stance

She has urged for a larger emphasis on Italian sovereignty and attacked the bureaucracy of the European Union.

Controversial Figure in Italian Politics

Meloni is a divisive figure in Italian politics because of her political beliefs and associations.

Shaping Italy's Political Landscape

The political climate of the nation has been significantly impacted by her ascent to power and her initiatives.