Bryoni Govender Natalie is  the first runner up of Miss South Africa 2023 pageant

Bryoni Govender Natalie  holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science.

Bryoni Natalie Govender's passion is  dancing with a multifaceted person.

Bryoni Govender Natalie Is one of the social enterprise's co-founders.

Bryoni Govender Natalie is a fervent supporter of women's empowerment and gender equality.

Bryoni Govender Natalie promoted social justice and constructive change using her platform.

Bryoni Govender Natalie Govender Bryoni Miss Africa's Continental Award for Social Impact.

Brianna The country is proud and inspired by Natalie Govender's representation of South Africa in the Miss Universe pageant.

BryoniNatalie Govender  is the embodiment of the South African spirit's tenacity, fortitude, and diversity.

participating in the Miss Universe pageant, Bryoni Natalie Govender used the opportunity to use her platform to advocate for gender equality.