The Toyota Prius has won MotorTrend magazine's 2024 Car of the Year.

Toyota Prius Prime is the new  model which symbolizes the pinnacle of its development.

MotorTrend judges make a dialogue in the latest conversation that "absolutely fascinating and beautiful car and this car is a combination with the most iconic of eco cars.

Toyota Prius Prime is the latest model revealed in the recent Car Show and Motor trend editor said "It's the best-looking, best-driving, most powerful and most efficient Prius yet".

The latest model of Toyota Prius Prime looks so sharp, cool and interesting.

If you talk about its engine capacity it is equipped with a new 2-liter, inline-four engine that boosted the BHpfrom 95 to 150.

In the Car of the Year segment of 2024, the Prius defeated the Tesla Model 3 Highland, Lucid Air, Hyundai Ioniq 6, and other 2024 cars.

The pricing for the Toyota Prius Prime will be around $27,650.

Other Features - Wireless smartphone integration, adaptive cruise control.

In 1997, Toyota unveiled the Prius, a hybrid vehicle that can operate on gasoline and batteries. It was later made available globally in 2000.