Sometimes Measuring a retirement age at your own is one of the biggest challenges people are facing right now. 

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There are many common questions that are quarrelling in the minds of everyone whenever we sit for planning retirement age. What will be my retirement age?

Another question is how much time do I have to enjoy a good time without thinking about saving or budgeting? On Average Americans retire at the age of 64.

There are no such answers that can help to judge the retirement age. But there are several factors those who can help you to figure out what will be the best time to retire.

Where do you live?

As per study, people living in meteor cities have been found to have positive impacts on the retirement age.

People who have a college degree can earn more than 30% higher than a higher school education person.


Gender has a significant impact on the retirement age as on average a man retired in the age of 65 or women retired in 63. Women are considered less financially secure than men.


If you save lots of money from your earning and investing the same, so you have much money at the time of retirement.


If you have a physically active job, you will remain healthier for long. The condition of your job has the biggest impact on choosing the retirement age.

Job Type

If you have a good support network like a friend circle. So you will live more than 85 happily. A good support network eases you fighting with loneliness.

Supports Network