Bird Box - A woman of two must travel blindfolded with her children to avoid a strange force that kills everyone who comes into contact with it.

The Woman in the Window  - An agoraphobic lady observes a crime from her window and becomes engaged in the investigation.

I See You - When a lady gets attacked at home, she becomes obsessed with tracking down her assailant.

The Platform - Food is provided from the top level of a vertical jail and comes down, causing the lower levels to hunger.

The Guilty - Based on the facts he gets, a police officer responding to an emergency call must decide whether or not to dispatch assistance.

Fractured - A guy with a head injury awakens in the hospital to discover that his wife and daughter are vanished. He gets locked up and informed that they are not his patients when he tries to escape.

Hold the Dark - A discredited wildlife specialist is recruited to track down a lost wolf in the Alaskan tundra, but he quickly finds himself in a perilous survival game.

Interceptor - A lone military commander must repel a coordinated attack on a distant missile interceptor installation.

Luther: The Fallen Sun - John Luther, a disgraced detective, gets freed from jail to track down a serial murderer who is targeting him.