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Enhance Your Gameplay with Codes

Redeeming Codes for Rewards

Launch ASTD and choose the Twitter symbol on the left side of the screen to redeem codes. To redeem your benefits, enter the code and click "Enter".

Stay Updated with Active Codes

Keep an eye on the official ASTD social media platforms and fan forums for updates as new codes are frequently provided.

Utilize Codes for Gems and Gold

Gems and Gold, which can be spent to buy new units and enhance current ones, are frequently awarded as a result of codes.

Unlock Additional Characters

Codes occasionally give you access to unique characters, enhancing your roster and giving you more tactical choices.

Limited-Time Codes and Events

Keep an eye out for one-time-use coupons that give exceptional incentives and benefits for special occasions.

Redeem Codes Before They Expire

Codes have expiration dates, so use them right away to get the benefits you want.

Avoid Invalid Codes and Scams

To verify their legitimacy and prevent potential fraud, only utilize codes from reliable sources.

Enhance Your Strategic Play

Codes can offer resources to improve your strategic gaming, enabling you to advance and overcome more difficult obstacles.

Conquer the Tower Defense Challenge 

You may defeat the tower defense challenge and win the ASTD championship by playing strategically and with the aid of codes.