Burt Young Famous Actor of hollywood dies at age of 83, he is well known artist and was co-star of Sylvester Stallon in Rocky BalBoa.

Actor Burt is well known for his iconic acting in Sylvester Stallon Rocky Balboa, in which he player the roll of Paulie 

His death is confirmed by his daughters' who recently speaks with New York Times, he died in los Angles.

Before entering into acting, Burt was a former US Marine and later he did boxing and joined the US film industry as an actor.

He worked in many films, he is well known for his acting in Italian American characters, he played characters like mob boss, detective or working class men.

He also remains popular for his iconic character as Rocky Balboa's friend and brother in law in the movie with Sylvester Stallon.

He was also nominated for his contribution in the film industry for oscar in category of best supporting actor.

Burt was the only one actor after Sylvester Stallone, Stu Nahan and Tony Burton (except Talia Shire) after who continuously part of "Rocky Series".

Burt young worked more than 150 films in lifetime, he also part of movie in Creed Movie in 2012, after that he will never back as his character was described as no more in 2012.

Sylvestor Stallone and Burt Young are close friends, Sylvester Stallon paid tribute to his co-star in recent interviews.