Cash4liffe is USA regionals multi state lottery game and offers 2 lifetime winning pricze and great odds.

A person who can participant in the game with $2 and try it for white balss between 1 to 60 numbers accordingly.

The total prize money of the playing game is between $500 to $1000 dollars for a day for life.

If you get matching 5 numbers plus the Lucky ball number. The prize will give you as per annuity or lump sum.

Cash4life number can be drawn on every night. The cut off time for buying of ticket for cash4life is 20.45 each night.

The top prize in the Cash4life Jackpot is around $1,000 a day for life matchings cash ball between 1 to 4 for wining.

Where to find the Cash4life results for winning person? Check next slide for winning members list.

You can check the local news paper. You can also their official website or blog to know the list of winning members.

Is everyone can buy the ticket of lottery from the Cash4life Jackpot or any age restrictions applied?

Anyone who is above 18 and have tax identification number can easily participate in the lottery game and win prizes accordingly.