Employers and their workers paying high amount for health insurance at work and its growing day by day.

According to the big media houses the average price cost employees going to touch $24k in 2023.

This data is provide by the KFF's Employer Health Benefits Survey prodcues by the agency on Wednesday, that's grew 7% last year.

 Employees are giving an average $6,575 as per their share of the premium up by $500 (+8%) from last year.

What is the Health Insurance for employers or its employees?  Let's uncovers in next slide and read it.

Health Insurance for employees can take befits of getting sick leaves, medical expenses and cover's for their families as well.

Health insurance can provides you the protection and reduce the chances of medical expenses.

The US department of labor administrative body those who responsible and enforcing the provisions and benefits to employees.

Employee health insurance is mandatory for each employees around the USA. No matter small business or big companies.

There are lots of big brands in USA who are providing Health Insurance to Employers like United Healthcare, Humana, Anthem etc.