How To Make Money When Stocks Go Down

By | Oct 21, 2023

1. Making money from the stock market when stocks are going down is not easy as most of us think, it is a really hard task to get some profit from a downfall in the stock market.

2. Here are some few tips to make money when stocks in the share market crash. But there are also some risk is involved while applying these strategies -

3.  Short selling - This is one of the popular strategies to earn some profit while stocks fall, the process involves borrowing stock and selling them and book profit at a lower price.

4. Put option - This is also the strategy to book profit while crashing the stock market. But option trading is risky, so just avoid it and apply when you are sure and confident.

5. Inest ETF’s - This is less risky compared to short selling or put options. ETF’s designed to track the out performance of the stock, if the stock market goes down so ETF investment goes up.

6. So these are some steps or ways you can say earning a huge profit while the share market falls.

7.  No doubt you can earn money while applying this way, but it is important to  understand the risk involved.

8. Put Option, Short Selling and invest in ETFs are profitable, if the investors applied them correctly.

9. Before applying any strategy make sure that you do research on each and every stock you are going to trade.

10. Disclaimer  The information mentioned in the story is just for information purposes, it’s not advice. Choose your strategy at your own risk.