How to Watch Formula 1: A Comprehensive Guide 2023-2024

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Understanding the Different Broadcast Options


There are several ways to stream or watch Formula 1.

Watching Through Television


You can watch Formula 1 on various TV channels in the USA.

Streaming Services


Additionally, F1 is available for live streaming on paid platforms like ESPN+ and F1 TV.

Radio Broadcast


Formula 1 races are also aired on specialty radio stations for individuals who would rather listen to audio commentary.

Personal Preferences


Based on what you like, choose whether you would rather listen to a radio broadcast, watch live television, or stream.

To choose the best choice, find out what broadcasts are available where you live.


If streaming, a subscription to the applicable service—such as ESPN+ or F1 TV—is required.


If you are not able to watch or stream formula 1, you can stay connected with the formula 1 website, which updates you every moment of formula 1.