Net Worth of Kim Kardashian October 2023

By | Oct 20, 2023

Here you can find the details related to the net worth of kim kardashian in october 2023. Kim Kardashian is one of the famous Hollywood celebrities and businesswomen.

As per the Forbes report last time, the net worth of Kim Kardashian is around 1.7  billion US Dollars.

Kim Kardashian generates the most net worth through reality TV stardom which multiplies her net worth 10 times.

She also has a stake in skims, a shape wear brand which also helped grow her net worth in 2023.

As per the media report skims raised $4 billion investment and due that market cap of the company goes up.

In Skims, Ivanka Trump's brother-in-law Josh Kushner invested a huge amount of money.

Kim Kardashian divorced her musician husband Kanye West in early 2022 they both have custody of their kids custody.

As per the Forbes report Kim Kardashian achieved the Self made women tag in 2023. After investing in many skin care companies she got officially billionaire tag by forbes.

The main reason for Kim Kardashian's net worth is to invest in KKW Beauty and Skims, as big contributors to her wealth.