Elon Musk SpaceX Star Ship is going to launch today for the 2nd time after the first flight.

The first flight of the SpaceX Star Ship was conduct in April, 2023

The First flight of the Star Ship exploded previously.

After failing in the first attempt SpaceX engineers made many changes in the Rocket.

Elon Musk and Team of Spsacex working to improve the performance of starship from past months.

Previously Elon Musk wrote a social media post on twitter about the delta of the SpaceX Starship launch.

The launch program scheduled for Texas opens at 07:00 local time (13:00 GMT).

Initially the launch was scheduled for 17 november, but due to technical problems it got rescheduled for 18 November.

As per the SpaceX Starship rocket is one of the most powerful rockets ever built.

SpaceX Starship is mainly built to carry man missions and deliver cargo to the moon &  Mars.