on 17 October netflix released is much awaited real horror story The Conjuring - The devil on trial is released.

The web series is based on real incidents, the "devil made me do it"

The story is based in the 1980's in where serial horrofic murder make news all over the world.

Now netflix released The conjuring - The Devil on trial based on true events.

This is the story of "Mr Arne Cheyenne Johnson" who is the suspect in the events and later released by the court due to crime done under infulence of a demon".

This is the case in which the first and only at the time where court officially agreed the murder a happend due to "demonic possession".

The web series is getting mixed reviews from the viewers.

It's purely crime, horror, suspense thriller.

IMDB rating is still 10 out of 6.1fter 24hrs of it's released.

It's still a trending series on netflix.