By | Oct 22, 2023

10 Travel Essentials for Women in 2023

Grab these 10 essentials for smooth and well organised travel destinations.

1. Pair of Comfortable shoes

2. Travel adapter For Charging Your DSLR, SmartPhone or Laptop

3. Reusable water bottle It will make you dehydrated and save your money too.

4. Travel pillow can give you a comfortable sleep while travelling in bus or long flight hours.

5. Eye mask can help you to better sleep without bothering external lights and earbuds protects you from loud environments

6. Sunscreen is essential while you are travelling. As harmful UV rays can dull your skin, which is not good.

7. In Many countries mosquito and other insect borne diseases are big threat, so make sure you will keep repellent containing DEET.

8. Wherever you go for travel, keep a travel medical first aid kit, which helps you treat minor injuries and illnesses.

9. Keep Your Personal ID’s and Travel documents with you, such as you Visa, Passport, Travel Insurance.