Monster Hunter has become Niantic's second Biggest Game in Just after a month.

Monster Hunter launched on 14 September 2023 with the help of Niantic, a mobile gaming app developer company from the USA.

As per the news Monster Hunter became very popular in the mobile gaming category in a short time and earned $31.44 million.

After Pokemon Go, Monster Hunter became the second game and broke the trend of AR performance records.

Before, the Niantic Mobile app company also made the Pokemon Go mobile game and Pokemon Go became very famous all over the world.

Monster hunter made by the Capcom company, which specialized in making games for mobiles.

Niantic  helped Monster Hunter via pre-installation of the game to over 3 million installations in the beginning of its launch.

As per the report installation of the monster hunter has been increased and pre registration for the game also has been increased.

In the 2nd of its month the monster hunter gained 5+ million downloads on mobile and it is increasing day by day.

Monster hunter already earned a mighty $31.44 million in his first month. And in that month the latest AR reached 6.78 million download times.