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As for the convenience of the people and their safety in Los Angeles, the Health Department released the daily pass web and app platform for the employees, faculty, and students with the help of Microsoft. Which will become very helpful for the people of the state. It will help to make yourself safe and alert. But How? In this article, we will share all details about the Daily Pass App and web service. We also help you to guide about how you can use this daily pass web portal for your safety from covid- 19 symptoms.

What is a Daily Pass?

The LA Health Department, Daily Pass is a web app that helps ensure students, faculty and administrators can safely return to school. The app allows users to check for symptoms, get tested, and receive results all in one place. It also provides guidance on how to self-isolate and quarantine if necessary. The daily pass app is available for free and can be accessed from any mobile device or computer via this website – dailypass.lausd.net

What is the purpose of Daily Pass?

The main purpose of the daily pass web portal is to ensure the safety of people. This daily apps portal or app is mainly built for the students, administration, faculty, teachers, and parents who went to school or worked in educational departments or want to return to education centers. 

You can easily analyze your health data on this app, which facilitates checking the symptoms, testing, and results of the covid-19 test information on one platform. You don’t need to visit any hospital or health center to check your health status or reports.   

How Does the Daily Pass Work?

The daily pass platform was built by the Los Angeles health department & with the cooperation of Microsoft. The motive of the making of this platform is to keep people as safe as possible. This will become a one-stop-shop for a safer return of students, teachers, parents, and employees to work. Moreover, parents and students will be able to book their COVID-19 PCR test appointments, get PCR test results, and answer the daily health check screening questions through the daily pass platform.

How to get a Daily Pass?

If you’re planning on using the Daily Pass, there are a few things you need to know. First, you’ll need to be sure that you have a valid ID. You can use your driver’s license, passport, or even your state ID. Next, you’ll need to purchase your pass. 

You can do this online or at any number of locations. Once you have your pass, you’ll need to activate it. You can do this by going to the website or by calling the customer service number. Finally, you’ll need to use your pass. This can be done by scanning it at the entrance of the attraction or by presenting it to the cashier.

Is Daily Pass available on the apple store or android play store?

Currently, the daily pass app is not available in the form of an app. You can use the same via safari for iPhone browser or android chrome browser. You can access only the daily pass platform while using the official website.   

How to register on the Daily Pass portal?

Students and parents can easily register on the Daily Pass Portal via the official website with a computer, tablet, or any mobile device such as an iPhone or android. 

Why Choose Daily Pass Platform?

Daily Pass is a great platform for monitoring & managing and most important for your safety in the covid-19 pandemic situation. This daily Pass is built for students, faculty, and administrators to help them get back to school as safely as possible. It also provides you with a complete daily health check through the daily pass platform. All users will be able to book the slot for COVID-19 tests and receive test results and notifications related to health or covid-19 next doses or boosters.

If you have any questions about Daily Pass, be sure to check out our FAQ section below.


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